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Syncere Publishing

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Syncere Publishing

Syncere Publishing LLC is a book publishing company that specializes in book production of all genres, as well as author support and development. Beth Kara Dawkins is the Owner and Operator.

The first title coming out of Syncere Publishing is The Adventures of Curious Cam! by Beth Kara Dawkins. Comparable to the award-winning title No, David, by David Shannon, The Adventures of Curious Cam! is based on the ventures of Beth Kara’s son, Cameron Syncere.

“From the beginning, Cam’s curious and adventurous nature kept him busy with discovery, exploration, and sometimes mischief. He often heard the words “no” and “stop” from his mom. Inspired by actual events, The Adventures of Curious Cam! is a recreation of the antics of a delightfully inquisitive and enthusiastic child, and the perfect gift for any occasion!”

Front Cover_ Curious Cam Coloring and Activity Book

The newest release from Syncere Publishing LLC is The Adventures of Curious Cam! Coloring and Activity Book! This book takes any child on a fun, exciting journey filled with opportunities to be creative, brainstorm, and color your own adventure with Curious Cam! 

Publish with Syncere Publishing LLC!

Interested in publishing a book? Curious about writing ‘your story’ to share with others who need to hear it? Always wanted to write a children’s book, novel, memoir, etc.? Started writing a manuscript, or have a written manuscript, and need support with moving forward with publishing??

Look no further! Syncere Publishing LLC specializes in book publishing of all genres, as well as author development. Let us help you bring your story to life! Our consulting fee is $100/hour.

Contact Beth Kara of Syncere Publishing TODAY!!